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LoRaWAN Wireless Vibration Sensor: Advantech WISE-2410 series (IO_0000329)

Course Summary:
We will introduce the basic knowledge of LoRaWAN and introduce WISE-2410 feature and advantages, to enable learners to understand how should they benefit from our solution.

What Will You Learn?
1. What is LoRaWAN technology?
2. What are features and advantages of WISE-2410?
3. When should I use WISE-2410 on suitable application field?

For more technical training courses and taking certification tests, welcome to click the following information.

● Technical Training courses
1. Introduction of WISE-2410 Intelligent Vibration and Temperature Sensor (Basic Level) https://iiot-academy.advantech.com/catalog/info/id:174
2. WISE-2410 Intelligent Vibration & Temperature Sensor Hands-On Practice (Advanced Level) https://iiot-academy.advantech.com/catalog/info/id:175

● Certification Tests
1. WISE-2400 - Basic https://iiot-academy.advantech.com/catalog/info/id:200
2. WISE-2400 - Advanced - Online Test https://iiot-academy.advantech.com/catalog/info/id:230

Course Duration: 20 mins Course Code: IO_0000329 Level: Basic Course Type: Product Features Introduction Course Team: IIoT Department_D&C Team

  • Product Features and Advantages Introduction
  • Introduction of features and advantages to Advantech WISE-2410 series
  • Product Unboxing Demo
  • Unboxing WISE-2410 LoRaWAN Smart Vibration Sensor
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed