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Advantech EKI-1500 series for serial-to-Ethernet protocol conversion (IC_0000521)

Course Summary:
In this course, you will be learning basic knowledge of EKI-1500 & ADAM-4570 series serial device server product features, advantages and also the field of application

What will you learn?
1. Understanding of serial device server and introduction of Advantech EKI-1500 & ADAM-4570 series
2. Features and advantages of EKI-1500 & ADAM-4570 series
3. Application scenarios to apply EKI-1500 & ADAM-4570 series
============================================================================================= For more technical training courses and taking certification tests, welcome to click the following information. =============================================================================================

● Technical Training
1.EKI-1500/ADAM-4570 Industrial Device Server Solution and General Setting in Common Practice https://iiot-academy.advantech.com/catalog/info/id:151
2.Advanced Setting of Device Server EKI-1500/ADAM-4570 Series: Implementation Between VCOM & USDG Modes https://iiot-academy.advantech.com/catalog/info/id:152

● Certification Tests
1.Industrial Device Server EKI-1300/1500 Series - Basic - Online Test https://iiot-academy.advantech.com/catalog/info/id:235
2.Industrial Device Server EKI-1300/1500 Series - Advanced - Online Test https://iiot-academy.advantech.com/catalog/info/id:249

Course Duration: 10 mins Course Code: IC_0000521 Level: Basic Course Type: Product Features Introduction Course Team: IIoT Department_D&C Team

  • Device Server_ver1.0_20210121
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed